The Status Network is fueled by a mission to empower sovereign communities with social and financial technology. Our Infrastructure and Developer Tools give anyone the freedom to build for and on Ethereum, and with secure peer-to-peer protocols that are private, secure, and accessible. But The Status Network isn’t just for builders, it’s also for end users.

Our secure social and financial products make blockchain and encrypted peer-to-peer communication technology accessible for regular people.

End-user products make our tools for open, sovereign societies accessible to any level of user. Yes, with Embark and Subspace, developers have a rich ecosystem to create their own dapps and tools in the Network, and with our infrastructure like Nimbus and Vac, more users will be able to use blockchain dapps on resource restricted devices, but we also see a significant market share for secure private end-user products. This is a market that is becoming more concerned with personal privacy and security, as well as alternative financial systems. The end-user products serve this market, as well as provide multiple broad use cases for SNT as the native token.

Products Enhanced By The Status Network

Each of these products are designed to excel alone, however being part of a Network allows contributors to design them for interoperability and cross-product compatibility. For example, is a standalone dapp discovery portal, but it is also integrated into the Status App to combine social, finance, and modular applications to the Status App web3 browser. All of the products are considered part of the Status Network, and will have these kinds of natural partnerships.

Status App -

The Status App combines a decentralized messenger, wallet, and dapp browser into a powerful, private, and secure communication tool. Version 1.0 will be available soon!

Chat with truly private messaging. Status App uses the peer-to-peer protocol Whisper and end-to-end encryption to protect your communication from third party interference. Only you can view your messages. Stay tuned for details on replacing Whisper with Waku.

A secure crypto wallet provides the financial capabilities to opt into the Ethereum token ecosystem with intuitive design and onboarding. The wallet features SNT and ETH, but can be used to transact with any ERC20 and ERC721 token.

A natural integration with, a web3 browser allows users to discover new decentralized applications that work within the Status App to create compelling, custom experiences from the growing dapp library.

Keycard -

Keycard is The Status Network’s secure, contactless, open source hardwallet. It is a new type of smartcard built with an open API for simple integration with crypto wallets and hardware. And it is designed to safely send, store, and receive cryptocurrencies in a seamless contactless experience.

As a smartcard, Keycard is designed to onboard new crypto users to a familiar experience similar to a debit or credit card, but the features give access to many more capabilities such as using near field communication (NFC) to unlock transactions, devices, apps, or dapps. It is also compatible with all major cryptocurrencies using the HD BIP-32 standard to allow it to store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, Ripple, and many more.

Like everything in The Status Network, Keycard is open source to encourage innovation and decentralized development around the uses for hardwallets. For example, a conference hotel could load Keycards with room key unlock codes for registrants, as well as gift unique ERC721 tokens for conference verification, and load SNT onto Keycard as a promotional thank you to guests.

Keycard opens up a new range of potential for cryptocurrency hardware and how users can interact with dapps and alternative financial systems. - is a comprehensive Ethereum dapp explorer to track, try, and use the growing army of decentralized applications built on Ethereum including popular services like ENS, Gitcoin, and Aragon, as well as new diamond in the rough projects. is the natural integration point for the Status App web3 browser to bring more dapps to the App experience, and give users deeper exposure to Ethereum projects.


Teller is a decentralized global peer-to-peer fiat-to-crypto exchange network. The goal of the project is for anyone to be a seller and buyer on the network. Teller will be available for use soon.

Teller allows people in the network to find nearby users to exchange their cash for digital assets and currency. This reinforces our commitment to empowering local communities to give smartphone owners the ability to take control of their personal wealth within their own local community needs.

This creates a decentralized peer-to-peer replacement for banking’s access to cash functions with Teller as a global people-as-ATM network. This has particular relevance to developing markets where cash-based economies are prevalent and merchant acceptance for card transactions remains low, especially when considering the potential for the international remittance market where there are considerable expenses to get fast, reliable access to funds.

Within The Status Network, Teller greatly lowers the hurdles to obtaining cryptocurrency. Paired with the Status App or Keycard, Teller becomes a simple first or second step in each user’s transition from the fiat to digital economy, and greatly advances bringing digital currencies as a viable option to communities around the world.

Assemble -

Assemble is a special product in The Status Network as a funding arm for each project across the network including Infrastructure, Developer Tools, Products, and Community Development initiatives that support and promote the Network.

Status works hard to be a decentralized organization. We try to democratize decision making, including what projects should be funded. Assemble is our solution as a transparent, open process that anyone can apply to in order to further the core mission of The Status Network.

Version 1 of Assemble is deliberately simple in order to work out challenges in social,  technical, and financial flows to ensure that we make small mistakes as we build out this decentralized organizational finance tool, however, we see Assemble as a key product to push The Status Network out into the open source world rather than keeping it for a closed set of contributors.

Status Network Products Bring Our Principles to Life

The Status Network products are designed to empower sovereign communities by giving end-users real tools to use for secure peer-to-peer social and financial freedom, and they work because they are part of an ecosystem of Infrastructure and Tools that work together.

  • Infrastructure so systems function securely and correctly
  • Developer Tools to bring more engineers, makers, and entrepreneurs into the Status Network, peer-to-peer communication, and decentralized networks at large
  • Products so users can use dapps as easily as centralized apps

It is our hope that the Products are especially inclusive to non-technical users to give communities real solutions off the shelf, and we are thrilled to continue improving and shipping great experiences that enhance privacy, security, and liberty.

Learn more about the Status Network and the Products we build at

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