The Status Network’s set of empowering social and financial projects brings timely solutions to some of the digital world’s most pressing problems. To bring even more brilliant developers onboard, we’ve created engaging, feature-rich tools sets to invite people into the Ethereum and Status ecosystem, and light the path for developers of all levels to join our mission.

The Status Network has created two sets of compatible Developer Tools to facilitate the need for extensively capable tooling to build decentralized applications: Embark, a full Developer Tool environment to let devs build and ship dapps; and Subspace, a front-end tool to connect user experiences with live smart contract states.

Developer Tools and the Ethereum Ecosystem

The Status Network commitment to developer tooling follows our core Principles regarding decentralizing the internet. While it is true that Truffle is an excellent suite of tools for building on Ethereum, more options with deep capabilities are essential to maturing the space.

As Ethereum and blockchain apps grow into bringing DeFi, NFTs, TCRs, DAOs, and more to mainstream users and developers, more options and methods for building quality products allow greater access and greater continuance for long-term growth and stability in this new world of dapps.


Embark is a core set of tools that anyone can use to begin building decentralized applications right away, but also provides deep support and documentation for experienced developers on Ethereum. It is designed to be a complete tooling option for dapp development and includes numerous features for ease and productivity.

This is a dedicated team within The Status Network that aims to create instructional content, build out and test feature requests in Embark, and constantly improve and iterate to provide a robust, feature rich experience for creating dapps. Many features and extensions are in development, but Embark begins with a highly capable set of tools to create dapps right away, including:

Cockpit: A web-based dashboard UX for Embark, Cockpit provides a GUI for testing and debugging dapps with rich features sets such as real-time service monitoring, selective smart contract deployment, a built-in blockchain explorer, web-based code editor, ENS tooling and more.

Smart contract configuration: Embark also provides smart contract configuration in order to manage and refine needed smart contracts for dapps and interaction with the Ethereum blockchain. This is also designed to work hand-in-hand with Subspace.

Broad plugin support: The Embark team is constantly refining and adding plugins in order to make development as seamless as possible. The current list of plugins includes plugins for the Status App, a Solidity compiler, Bamboo, Remix, snark proofs in Solidity, and more. Developers are also encouraged to build and share their own plugins if one has not yet been created.


Subspace gives the advanced tooling in Embark capabilities of modern front-end React environments in order to create meaningful, real-time user experiences in dapp design and engineering. It is built to give front-end design the live data from smart-contracts with the capabilities to create custom user interfaces.

Tools like Subspace are desperately needed in the decentralized space, and with Status focused on end-user products, having the capability to build quality UI & UX is critical to The Status Network product goals. Of course, we build everything for whoever wants to use it because if you build a killer app that enhances the Status App, we all win together.

Subspace employs many features to let it stand out as a fully functional React tool:

  • Automatic dapp synching
  • Framework agnostic: React, Angular, browsers, nodejs, etc
  • Blockchain event tracking & sourcing
  • Custom smart contract queries
  • Balance and status tracking

Subspace is brand new, so projects are actively using it in development. One example is The Status Network project Teller, an international fiat-to-crypto and back exchange. These are design screens for Teller using Subspace to scan and present live offers for exchanges at various rates.

And this screen shows a trade in process:

Developer Tools Are Paramount To The Status Network

Incredible contributors have joined The Status Network to bring the decentralized future to life across Infrastructure, Developer Tools, and Products.

  • Infrastructure so systems function securely and correctly
  • Developer Tools to bring more engineers, makers, and entrepreneurs into the Status Network, peer-to-peer communication, and decentralized networks at large
  • Products so users can use dapps as easily as centralized apps

We built and support Embark and Subspace as invitations to our Network of empowering social and financial projects, and we are excited to see what proposals are funded through Assemble. These Developer Tools are part of our Network goals to let anyone with a good idea fund it, build it, ship it, use it, and spread the word through our growing community of passionate Ambassadors.

Learn more about the Status Network and the Developer Tools we build at